Thursday 1 February 2024

Game On Lah! 2024


We have another Game On Lah! event on Sat 3 Feb 2024! This time it is in Putrajaya. The main event is Ikat Tepi (1). It is a local cultural event not specifically about boardgames. Game On Lah! is one of the segments of the event. The overall theme is school sports days. I bet there will be a Milo truck. 

This time I will be promoting not just Dancing Queen but also Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs. I will also be bringing a number of games still in development to showcase and playtest. Romeo & Juliet, Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves and Pinocchio have been showcased at other events. First timer games are Winter Solstice and The Ice Queen

Come play with me! 

Details here

(1) "Ikat Tepi" is Malay for "tied on the side". In Malaysia, when you buy a drink to-go at roadside stalls, they give you your drink in a sturdy transparent plastic bag, and ask whether you want to "ikat tepi" or "ikat mati". "Ikat mati" (tied with a dead knot) means they will tie a very tight knot to make sure the drink will not spill. When you get home you can untie and enjoy your drink. "Ikat tepi" means they will tie a string to only one of the top corners of the bag, leaving the other top corner open. They'll give you a straw too (plastic). This way you can have your drink as you go about. Gosh this explanation is longer than the blog post itself. 

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