Sunday 12 September 2021

Sin Chew Daily interview

The Malaysian Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily has a Sunday Special today (12 Sep 2021) featuring boardgames. I was one of the people interviewed for this article. My interview was mostly about the design process of Dancing Queen and how it won the 2021 BGG 9-card game design competition. We also talked about boardgames in general. I don't usually buy print newspaper, and this morning when I went out to look for newspapers I had to visit three shops before I found one which sold them. 

The cover of the Sunday Special features art related to boardgames. 

The first article is an introduction to boardgames, thus the mention of Monopoly and Senet

Mahjong is a boardgame too! 

Xiu Hong from Centlus Boardgame Cafe was the liaison person for this series of interviews. He introduced me to the Sin Chew Daily reporter. He was interviewed too. Pasaraya, a Malaysian designed game is featured here. It is a deck-builder about managing a supermarket. 

My interview was covered on this page and the next. That's my left hand at the bottom left, holding a Machi Koro card. 

I have not physically published Dancing Queen yet. It is exciting to see it in the papers despite so. I got to tell Allen that his graphic design work is in the papers. Choon Ean is the designer of Kaki Lima. She is another person being interviewed. She shared her journey in designing and publishing Kaki Lima. 

One thing I notice is the article uses a mix of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese for the titles, and Simplified Chinese for the content. This may be something you only see in Malaysia. 


Anonymous said...

Our newspaper has used Traditional Chinese for titles and mixing with Simplified Chinese for content, for many years already.

Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成 said...

I see. I rarely buy physical newspapers and only now notice it. I am from that generation which was taught both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and reading both are natural to me. I probably have read a mix before but didn't realise it.