Tuesday 13 February 2024

Dominion - digital version


I recently found out that the digital version of Dominion is out. When Dominion was first released in 2008, it was an important game in the history of boardgames, because it was the first deck-building game. For quite some years after that, many other game designers made other deck-building games. By now, I rarely hear of pure deck-building games, but there are still some boardgames or card games which use the deck-building mechanism as part of the game. 

I own a physical copy of Dominion. I have bought one expansion too - Seaside. When I recently checked my records, I was surprised I hadn't played it for 12 years. Many years ago I played another digital implementation. I played against AI's. It was convenient and fast. Being able to play many games let me understand and appreciate it in more depth. I have great admiration for the game.

This latest digital version is well made. I have played in on my phone and on an iPad. The iPad works better. It's a bit too small for me on the phone. Workable but slightly clunky. The base game is free to play. The expansions need to be purchased. Even with the base game you already have many combinations to try. A game of Dominion uses only 10 card types. The base game gives you 25 card types. You can do a lot of mixing and matching. 

If you have not tried Dominion before, give it a go! 

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