Saturday, 18 August 2007


Due to time and players constraint, I don’t get to play as often as I wished. So, looking out for games that can be played solitaire is often high on my list.


AMBUSH – Squad level WWII game. Player as the Allied forces, the Germans are preprogrammed for response and movement. Sadly, unplayed yet.

CHAINSAW WARRIOR – Old GWS game, a supermarine taking on hordes of zombies, monsters to save the world. Even came with a comic … basically a dicefest without a lot of real decision-making, fun if played occasionally.

LONDON’S BURNING – Player as RAF commander defending against waves of Luftwaffe. You only got 2 planes at any one-time and limited resources in the form of limited pilots and limited repair capability. Good game but take a bit long to play the full game.

SHERLOCK HOLMES’S CONSULTING DETECTIVE – Ten scenarios where players try to solve crime by going through clues/ leads. There are archives of old newspaper, a map of old London and paragraph-like storyline. Only played the first scenario so far.

CIVPOCKET – Print and Play games. Quite good. Difficult to survive in the initial turns. Drag a bit during end game.


ARKHAM HORROR – Good to play, great atmosphere and narrative. Difficult to survive using 1 character (one can play several characters simultaneously). Solo variant currently available for single character game. (Haven’t played in a while)

MAGIC REALM – Grand-daddy of adventure boardgame. Complex rule, haven’t tried the real thing yet. But can play via Realmspeak (a Java Programme); still not familiar with the Magic rule yet but unique experience and innovative designs (despite its age). Very thick rulebook!

RUNEBOUND – good to play solo with the Threat track variant (can play a game in an hour including setup). Excellent battle system designed by Martin Wallace. Indulge yourself as a hero in trying to defeat the Dragonlord.

TALISMAN – Another classic (still basically a Roll & Move game) but need more to enjoy but game can dragged on. Or try PROPHECY (a newer improved version)

Don’t bother trying: Ingenious, Castle Keep, Dungeon (these games has solitaire rules but they are not that interesting).


Most wargame with no hidden information can be played solo. But I am not really a grognard.

BRITANNIA – Played surprisingly well solo. You get the sweep of history and all that. Long game though.

MARVEL HEROES – Good solo-variant available or just set 2 side up to play against each other.

Still, these but scratch the itch till the next boardgaming sessions.

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