Tuesday, 28 August 2007

first geeklist

Geeklists are a feature of the BoardGameGeek website. Their original use was for users to create lists of games sharing some common feature, e.g. games suitable to be played with your wife/girlfriend (which is one of the most overdone type of geeklist), or games in which you can make an evil Bwahahaha laugh, or multiplayer games that work very well as 2-player games, and so on. I enjoy browsing geeklists. Some of them introduced me to games that I have not heard of, or games that I have earlier dismissed as something I wouldn't like. Some of them contained funny stories, or mini-reviews of games, or even interesting information not related to boardgames.

After being a BoardGameGeek member for about four years, I finally created my first geeklist. This is something that intrigued me, and hopefully it is interesting for other BoardGameGeek users too.

My first Geeklist: Alternative victory condition(s) with a twist

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