Saturday, 21 March 2020

Tokaido app free download

The Tokaido app is free from now till 27 Mar 2020. I have played the physical version. Gameplay is so-so for me, but I love the artwork. The quality of the app is top-notch too.

Main screen.

Game in progress. At the top left you can see your character. Every character has a special ability. The three numbers are: red - current contribution to temples, blue - score, brown - money. The row of icons at the bottom are a representation of a segment of the game board. The game board is a path from Kyoto to Edo, divided into four segments. You travel one segment per day. There are various locations along the way. Where you stop gives you a different travel experience, which ultimately translates to victory points. There are various ways of scoring points.

The start and end of every segment are always inns, where you stop to rest the night and have a meal. When you play the game, it is possible to use only the row at the bottom to perform your actions. The main playing area becomes ornamental, but it certainly is pretty. The player icons at the bottom indicate where each player is on the Tokaido highway. The numbers next to the player icons are the scores.

This is the final inn in Edo, your destination. Once everyone gets here, you do the final scoring to see who wins.

At the final scoring there are quite a few awards to be given. This collector award is given to whoever has bought the most number of souvenirs.

The chatterbox award is given to whoever has had the most encounters (made the most friends during the trip).

You also score points for your donations to temples. This depends on how you rank against the other players.

I, um, am in the last place - that 66pt guy on the far left.

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