Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Herculean badge

I recently gained a new badge at BoardGameGeek - Herculean File Uploader. It was a newly introduced badge. Since I already qualified for it, the system automatically awarded it to me. I have uploaded about 300 files to BGG, and they are all concise reference sheets that I make. These are rule summaries. I started making them around 2004, when I lived in Taipei. I often visited Witch House to play boardgames, and prior to each visit I usually decided which games to try, and I read the rules beforehand. I made rule summaries. By the time I visited, I could sit down and start teaching, then play. I didn't start reading the rulebook only then. Saved me time.

I try to keep each concise reference sheet to just half a sheet of A4 paper. These rules are by no means complete, but I have all the key rules and the overall structure. I upload my concise reference sheets in batches to BGG once in a while. When I did this recently, I realised it had been about 3 years since the previous batch. The complete set of my concise reference sheets are here.

Currently only 10 people on BGG have the Herculean level badge, and only 2 have the Ultimate level badge, the highest rank. It feels good to own something so rare. Yes, I'm being a little childish.

This is my old profile picture. I have been using it for a long time. I rarely update my profile. The first icon in the bottom row is the Gold File Uploader badge. Previously this was the highest rank.

This is my new profile picture, now with the new Herculean File Uploader badge - the second one, green.


Unknown said...

Hiew, congratulations! And thanks for all the work you put into these reference sheets!

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