Tuesday 18 November 2014

collection snapshot Oct 2014

I haven't done one of these in quite a while. The last time was three years ago. My library hasn't really changed much. I usually don't sell or trade games. I don't buy many new games (I mean by boardgamer standards, of course). Still it's fun for me to compare how my library has changed between snapshots taken at different times. It's like browsing old photos of my children.

The growth history of my boardgame library:

This is the main area. Earlier this year I split my collection into two areas, the offshoot area being a children's area downstairs. I did this because of my daughter's birthday party. I wanted to set aside a group of games which I could teach her and her friends to play, and I wanted to put them where I could easily browse and pick a game. Doing this cleared up some space for me to buy new games. Not that I intended to buy much.

When I compare this photo with the one below from 2011, I find that many of the shelves haven't change at all. There are indeed many games which I have not played since three years ago. It's a pity.

My collection in Dec 2011.

Now let's zoom in to take a closer look.

This is a kind of a children section within my main storage area. I still keep some games here despite having a special children's area now.

That group of games which includes Hacienda and Power Grid has not changed at all for the past three years. I did play some of them, just that I have put them back in the exact same order. Clash of Cultures, Roads & Boats, Antiquity are new. New as in I didn't own them yet in Dec 2011, so what I call new here may not really be a new game.

Samurai Swords (first version was called Shogun, latest version is called Ikusa) and Axis & Allies (1984 Milton Bradley version) are kept because of the sentimental value. I have so many versions of Axis & Allies now.

The third row is where I put the games which I hope I will play more. The key word is "hope". New games tend to go here. The new ones in this photo include Paths of Glory, Android: Netrunner and Sekigahara.

The Great Zimbabwe, Axis & Allies: WWI 1914 and Robinson Crusoe are new. The bottom two shelves used to be for Allen's and Han's games. They have now brought home some of their games. Mykerinos, 51st State and History of the World are my games.

This section has changed very little. The left column is almost completely unchanged. The Alea series (centre column, top shelf) is unchanged. Naturally they are ordered by serial number. I don't intend to complete the series, so they have not changed since three years ago.

The bottom two layers are Han's and Allen's games, except for that square at the centre. That's actually a Hiew family history / family tree record and some books that my father asked me to buy for him. Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy is a game Han lent me recently. I've played it once with him and quite like it, and I hope to play again.

This time round, the game set slightly apart from the others due to size / shape / lack of space is no longer Planet Steam. It is these three instead. ColorMonsters (white unlabeled box on top) is the first ever review copy I received, so it has sentimental value. Sid Meier's Civilization (the one from Eagle Games) is a gift from my sister, so it has sentimental value too. I played Warhammer (a miniature game) once or twice, and didn't quite like it. I never painted the miniatures. I'm going to give this to Allen for his painting practice.

This is the new offshoot area of my library, the children's area. This is my children's toy shelf. Dixit, Escape and Hanabi are new.

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