Thursday 30 September 2010

boardgame collection Sep 2010

Once in a while I take photos of my game collection, capturing a snapshot of how my collection has grown. I enjoy comparing the snapshots of different periods. It is like watching history unfold.

Overview. This photo covers 95% of my collection.

These are some games not in the overview shot. They are here on a lower shelf of another bookshelf, so that my children (5 and 3) can reach them. Most of these are games they can play. Some are games they can play with, e.g. DVONN, hidden beneath Blokus.

Han keeps some games at my place, since he usually comes here to play anyway, and he'd be playing these games with me anyway, e.g. Dungeon Lords, Warriors of God.

The tall boxes and the long boxes.

Some of the Axis & Allies games.

9 Blue Moon expansion decks are in that red box.

The one at the top is (roughly) my hot shelf, i.e. games that I'm currently most keen to play. At the bottom is Axis & Allies Pacific 1940, a recent purchase that I'm very keen to bring to the table again. Please pretend you didn't see the toilet paper next to it.

There are quite a few expansion boxes that I have hidden away, because I usually try to put the content of expansions into the box of the base game, e.g. Carcassonne, Lord of the Rings, Galaxy Trucker. In the case of Keltis, I put the content of base game and expansion into the expansion box.


Niroshani said...

i like that ,thank
u for everything

Unknown said...

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Bryant Cobarrubias said...

Very cool collection. There is a coffee shop in Canada that boast over 1500 board games in their library. My game store in Manitowoc WI only has a couple hundred games.

Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成 said...

I don't think I can even name 1500 games. But then on there are individual gamers who have more than 1500 games.