Saturday 25 April 2009

collection snapshot 20090420

Every once in a while I take a series of photos of my collection of boardgames. I find it fun to compare these snapshots with earlier ones. The last time I did a snapshot was Jan 2008.

Apr 2009

The complete view. When I first bought these shelves, I thought they would last me a long time before I need more space. But now I already feel the shelves are getting full. Not just because of boardgames. There are also other things that my wife and I conveniently put onto the shelves. The shelves are now also storage space for our children's diapers, milk powder, shampoo, photo albums, etc.

One funny thing that I noticed when comparing this against the photo taken in Jan 2008 is that the broken DVD player is still where it was. I don't know why I still haven't thrown it away.

Additions since the previous snapshot include Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition, Galaxy Trucker, Wasabi, Agricola, Through the Ages. Nordic Countries now added to the Ticket to Ride family. That section with Tribune, Keltis etc is my "hot" section where I place most of my newer purchases and favourites, i.e. games I tend to play often. I find that convenient.

I have moved the Alea collection to a top shelf. They must be together, because they look nice together.

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Cecrow said...

I've had a broken DVD player lying around for about that long, too ;)