Sunday 17 February 2008

boardgame shelves

A pictorial history of my boardgame collection:

29 May 2005

This was half a year after I returned to Kuala Lumpur from Taipei. My boardgame collection started in a serious way when I was in Taipei. Back in KL the games purchased in Taiwan (Carcasssonne, Princes of Florence and other Eurogames) joined the older games purchased before boardgames became my much more frequently practised hobby (mostly Ameritrash titles like the Axis & Allies games, Samurai Swords, which I counted exactly 8 in this photo).

23 Apr 2006

The main change after one year is I have now expanded to need two photographs. Some larger games were moved to another shelf which is deeper. Also the plastic bags were put somewhere else.

The deep shelf which allowed me to store the bigger games this way, which saves space by fully utilising the depth of the shelf.

4 Mar 2007

The biggest change after yet another year is all boardgames were now on the higher shelves. This change happened after the incident where my daughter Shee Yun opened my unpunched Advanced Third Reich and damaged some of the pieces.

A better view of the "wide" collection (as opposed to "tall"). History of the World and Sid Meier's Civilization were still on a lower shelf because I was running out of space and that shelf fit them nicely.

Further zoom-in to one subsection. The dark plastic bag on the bottom left was used for storing small boxes, cheap playing cards, generic components, which I use for home-making games. The bag with a yellow side, next to the dark plastic bag contained the ziplock bags and card sleeves which I bought in Taiwan. I still have a lot left.

Not much change to this section.

14 Jan 2008

Another year, and some more additions to the collection. The shelves occupied remain mostly the same as the year before, but, of course, even more jam packed. This was just before I bought some new shelves from Ikea and before a major rearrangement of my boardgame shelves.

From another angle.

Frontal view of the bulk of my collection.

The little shelf for home-made games.

My Alea big box collection. Nowhere near complete, but I don't intend to be a completist. Ra is something I will always remember fondly. My Taiwanese friends bought this original German version for me all the way from Germany back in 2004, when it was out of print, and gave it to me as a surprise gift.

26 Jan 2008

The new shelves, together with the old. Much more space for expansion now. But I do intend to continue to be strict with my new game purchases.

I like this new lamp, which gives a warm, cosy ambience.

Another view of the collection.

Roughly half of the collection, showing the Axis & Allies games and also the Alea series.

The other half.

The shelf for home-made games is much larger than before.

Ticket to Ride and Lord of the Rings series.

Update 25 Apr 2009: Next snapshot is Apr 2009.

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