Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Gulo Gulo cooperative variant

Gulo Gulo cooperative colour matching variant. Designed by Hiew Shee Yun (2 years 10 months old) and Hiew Chok Sien (the father).

Note: This blog post requires a basic understanding of the rules to Gulo Gulo in order to be appreciated better.


  1. Find the purple tile with the little Gulo and place it face-down.
  2. Shuffle 16 regular tiles, 4 tiles per each of the 4 colours - green, red, yellow and blue. Starting next to the purple tile, lay out a trail using the regular tiles. Preferbly make a number or alphabet so that the younger player can say it aloud. Use numbers of alphabets that need only one pen stroke and does not contain crosses. E.g. 3, 5, 9, C, U, L, S, J are good. 4, T, X, H, A are not.
  3. Pour all eggs into the nest, and stick the egg alarm in.
  4. Use four Gulos - green, red, yellow and dark blue, each representing a member of the Hiew family, father, mother, elder sister and younger sister. Place them next to the start tile.
  5. The youngest player takes the first turn.


  1. Turn over the next face-down tile.
  2. Steal an egg from the nest matching the colour of this tile, without spilling any other eggs or triggering the egg alarm, i.e. the egg alarm falls out of the nest.
  3. Put the stolen egg into the black pull-string bag.
  4. Find the matching coloured Gulo and place it onto the new face-up tile.
  5. If a player fails to steal an egg, put all eggs into the bag, then setup the nest again as normal, and the same player tries again, until he or she is successful. There is no penalty other than the other players exclaiming, "Oh no!" and making silly faces.
  6. Turn order does not matter. A player can take more than one turn if agreed by all.

Game end:

  1. When the last tile (purple) is turned over, and the purple egg is stolen successfully, the game ends, and everyone wins.
  2. All four Gulos are now moved to the purple tile for a group hug.

My daughter Shee Yun. The photos are showing the game at play testing stage, since you don't see the blue and yellow Gulo yet.

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