Thursday, 1 November 2007


Today I visited a new blog about boardgames, Still Unpunched, by Oliver Harrison. Very good design and layout. And I was pleasantly surprised that my boardgame blog was actually one of the links on the front page. I am flattered. Well, I do hope I am writing something interesting for others to read. Another boardgame blog which has also listed my blog in its link section is Yehuda Berlinger's much more popular blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hiew,

I like to lurk and don't comment too much... That's probably why you didn't know I enjoy reading your blog. :)

Any chance you'll be at BGG.con this year?


Anonymous said...

p.s. Thanks for the compliment on design and layout... :)

Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成 said...

Hi Oliver,
I tend to be a lurker too. :-) Unfortunately I won't be going to BGG.con. I live in Malaysia, which is on the opposite side of the globe.