Wednesday, 29 September 2010

boardgaming in photos

9 Sep 2010. Old Town Kopitiam, Cheras. Han and I played Taluva while waiting for the other players to be ready to start playing. Taluva is a game that I like a lot, but unfortunately I can't find anyone with the same level of enthusiasm. Maybe it's too much an abstract game.

11 Sep 2010. Han and I visited Allen's home for the first time. Samurai was one of the games we played. This game looks good.

My tiles.

Nearing game end.

12 Sep 2010. My starting farm in Agricola with Farmers of the Moor expansion. I literally lived in the forest. My two room hovel was surrounded by forests.

Halfway through the game. I had used the Slash-and-burn action to convert two forest tiles at the bottom to fields. I had expanded my house quickly, because I had the Wet Nurse Occupation (pay 1 food for a child whenever you have a vacant room).

End of the game. I had a nice big stone house, but unfortunately I didn't plan for heating properly, and 3 of my people fell sick. That's bad. They earned 1VP as opposed to 3VPs, i.e. 6VPs lost. I had one unusual Minor Improvement (see extra card at the bottom right). It was basically two extra spaces to my farmyard. I lost the game to Michelle by a 7VPs, i.e. even if my people hadn't fallen sick, I would still have lost.

My Occupations, Minor Improvement and Major Improvements.


Guy said...

I always like it when a 'boardgaming in photos' arrives.. It gives a good overview of what you play, and it's always fun to see the pictures :)..

Keep on going man, you're going great, love your posts!

Hiew Chok Sien said...

Thanks Guy. This is actually the original form of my boardgame posts. I used to maintain a website where I just posted photos of boardgame sessions and wrote short comments. Eventually I decided starting a blog would be more convenient, and I ended being writing much more than I had expected to. I guess I discovered my long-winded inner self. :-)

World of Board Games said...

hello Hiew, I like your blog. Deep analysis, insightful, and balanced. I have an online board game store in Singapore, and would like to link some of your articles as board game review. I hope you don't mind :)
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Hiew Chok Sien said...

Hi WBG, no problem to put my blog posts as reviews at your website. Please acknowledge the source and provide a link to my blog. Thanks.