Sunday, 5 September 2010

another name-in-game

Wizard was one of the games that I helped with some translation work. My friend who introduced me to Eurogames (Yoyo, a German guy living in Taiwan who operates a boardgame cafe, Witch House) got me involved in the boardgame publishing activities of his company Swan Panasia. He published the Chinese and SEAL (South East Asian Language) versions of a number of German games, like Lost Cities, Stone Age, Saboteur, Hey! That's My Fish!, partnering with the original publishers of these games. I helped with some translation work to Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) and with some translation reviews, and received some games as rewards. My Malay is rather rusty, so I relied a lot on online translators and dictionaries, and most importantly the help of a Malay friend Johan. Translation work was much tougher than I expected. I am used to using boardgame terminology in English. I had never tried to express these in Malay. I think I will have difficulty even in Chinese, my mother tongue.

So here's the box cover of the Chinese & SEAL version of the card game Wizard.

I have never played the game myself. I just received a copy of the game. It's a trick-taking card game. The main twist is every round you try to predict how many tricks you will win, and you score points depending on whether you predicted right.

There's my name (and Johan's) in the second row. Woohoo! How cool is that?!


wankongyew said...

Heh, I'm thinking Sean should have told them to print his Facebook page instead of the never updated blogspot site.

Hiew Chok Sien said...

Indeed! But I think when he gave them the website, his Facebook page wasn't up yet or wasn't very active yet. Boardgame publishing seems to be a rather slow process.