Saturday, 4 September 2010

boardgaming in photos

23 Aug 2010. A vs-AI game of Race for the Galaxy with all 3 expansions. I was lucky to draw 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-defense military worlds and having military power of +9. But then this lucky streak was probably not necessary for the win. I "fried" them (it's a Malaysian Chinese slang direct translation) at 83-33-16.

27 Aug 2010. Heng (left) has been interested to try Automobile, but we always miss each other when we visit Old Town Kopitiam for the Friday gaming sessions. Finally the stars aligned and I was able to show him the game.

We played a 4-player game. Look at how orderly we were. Not a single car model space (the outer track) was left empty as we developed our cars. Not that there weren't any jumps. Michael once developed a car model that was 4 generations ahead of the latest model then, paying 10 (!!!) R&D cubes. I'd never seen this before. You can see that clump of white R&D cubes on the top right. Those were his cubes that he was toying with while contemplating whether to go for it. Afterwards the no-longer-latest models were claimed by other players, filling up the gaps.

Alvin (left) caught in an Analysis-Paralysis moment. See that yellow factory on the high-end (silver blue) car model which is 4 generations more advanced than the next car model? That's Michael's.

Alvin, Heng and Michael seriously pondering the game board. We had pretty fierce competition among our distributors.

Michael caught in the act of strangling one of his non-performing employees. Just kidding.

The distributors.

31 Aug 2010. I finally got my hands on a physical copy of Race for the Galaxy: Brink of War expansion, after having played the AI-version so many times. First impression - the Prestige (purple circle) token is huge. Much larger than the (hexagonal) victory point token. And Michelle said the 5 Prestige token is like a sakura (cherry blossom). The tile in the centre is the marker for Prestige Leader (i.e. player with most Prestige).

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Cecrow said...

I've finally played Automobile (last night) and thought it was fantastic. We only got one small rule wrong. We thought distributors were removed from the board at the end of every round. All right, so maybe not so small a mistake after all! We kept wondering how we were ever supposed to make any money. Looking forward to trying it again with the correct rule sometime.