Saturday, 26 July 2014

Crowdfunding - The Peides Curse: Earth

The Peides Curse: Earth is a boardgame designed by a fellow Malaysian, currently being crowdfunded. Overview:

The Peides Curse: Earth is a strategic board game for 2 – 4 players. Battle for the survival of Earth and mankind in hostile landscapes where danger lurks at every corner. Put on the superhero’s persona and harvest its power to stop Evil from spreading its malevolent supremacy over Earth. Break the curse now!

The Peides Curse: Earth is a game about saving the world from falling into the hands of Evil. The players take on the role of heroes with supernatural powers. These select few have travelled through time into the future, the year 2223, to help the Spirit battle its arch nemesis, the Evil forces that have taken control over Earth.

The players, which take on the role of the superheroes, shall race against time and with much haste to collect 9 secret codes to open the door to salvation, the Heaven’s door. The players’ strategy and cunningness are tested as they are trapped in the battle between the Spirit and Evil.

You shall be tested at every level. How good are you at deciphering and decoding the codes? How patient are you as you laboriously struggle to collect all the codes? Will you ultimately win the race?

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