Saturday, 19 July 2014

concise reference sheets updated

I still often make rules summaries, but I do them in my own Powerpoint file, and accummulate a whole bunch of them before I make the effort to share them on BGG and here at my blog. Here are the latest additions, updates and corrections. I now have more than 250 games covered.

  1. A Few Acres of Snow
  2. Attika
  3. Axis & Allies 1914 (enhanced)
  4. Brass (enhanced)
  5. Cargo Noir
  6. Civilization (Gibson Games edition)
  7. Cuba Libre
  8. Dark Darker Darkest
  9. Die Macher (enhanced)
  10. Entdecker (corrected)
  11. GiftTRAP
  12. Hammer of the Scots (corrected)
  13. In the Year of the Dragon (corrected)
  14. Kemet
  15. Paths of Glory (enhanced)
  16. Roads & Boats
  17. Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island (enhanced)
  18. Tokaido
  19. Wilderness War (enhanced)

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