Friday, 8 July 2011

in the media again?

Does this count? :-)

See the following two pictures. The first one is a photo of my game collection as of Sep 2010. The second one is a snapshot of an online video show called Totally Rad Show when they reviewed Formula D. They also reviewed The Resistance.

On one hand, I'm a little unhappy that I have not been asked before my photo was used. There was no small-print acknowledgement (at least I couldn't find it; not that I tried hard). This was not the first time this happened. The other time it was a Malaysian website. My photos might have been simply Googled from Google Images, but Google Images does indicate the source of the photos. Generally I'm just amused to see my collection appearing in the video. I guess I have taken a nice, backdrop-worthy photo. The black massage chair had to be edited out though.

1 comment:

Cecrow said...

I'm sure if it was television or something, you would have been contacted. Internet productions seem more free-wheeling about rights to photos, etc. At least it was only your collection, no people. The good news: your illustrious collection is more than worthy of the 'honour'!