Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dancing Eggs

Plays: 4Px1.

The Game

The game comes with 10 toy eggs. On your turn, you roll two dice, and everyone competes to win one egg. One die determines how the egg is to be won, e.g. first to make a rooster sound, first to make a hen sound, first to walk around the table, bounce an egg and be the first to catch it. There is one special icon which will make you lose an egg if you make any sound because you mistake it for the hen or the rooster. The other die determines how the egg winner must hold the egg, e.g. below the chin, between the knees, under the armpit, between face and shoulder. The more eggs you have, the harder it is to hold on to them. The game ends when one player drops an egg. That player loses, and the remaining player with the most eggs wins.

The game box for Dancing Eggs is an actual egg holder, but this is not it. This is an egg holder for real eggs. Chong Sean's game box is so worn out that he needed to replace it.

The red die says bounce one egg on the table and see who catches it first. The plain die says whoever wins this egg must hold it between his knees.

The Play

Chong Sean, Aaron, Chee Wee and I played this around a small square table. It was a fast and furious and also very funny game. It was particularly hilarious to see others struggling in convoluted postures. Since we were racing against one another when fighting over eggs, everyone must focus and is thus fully involved. Aaron was the one with the most eggs, and also the one who struggled the most to hold them. Eventually he dropped one, and Chong Sean who had the second most eggs won.

The Thoughts

Dancing Eggs is an unusual and funny dexterity game. Good for parties, for children, for an energising break between complex sit-down-and-brood games, and definitely good for slightly tipsy people.

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