Monday, 2 July 2007

why a boardgame blog?

I have been writing a blog about my children for quite some time, since June 2006. Actually the writing started even before that, just that it was in the form of webpages I created at my website and not in the form of a blog. I have been writing about my boardgame hobby too, also as a section of my website. I don't write very often at all, only about once every few months. I use this section to upload some photos of my boardgame sessions, and to write a little about my experiences. I think probably the only people who bother to read are myself, and my boardgame kaki Han.

In June 2006 I converted from a website format to a blog format, for writing about my children. So now I'm doing the same for my boardgame hobby. I probably won't be writing more frequently than before, but it will be more convenient for me.

This is the main page of my website - This is the boardgame section of my website - So basically now I'm just keeping my old entries there.


MDF said...

I love your blog. The human element of you and your family plus your enthusiasm for boardgaming has me attempting to read all of your blog posts from the beginning. Since an old boardgame is not a bad boardgame no harm done. Your Insight through experience is both educational and entertaining. I still look forward to your newer posts but once I've completed those, upon being posted, I'll start back where I stopped in the beginning.

Thank you Hiew for what will surly be hours of reading material and maybe I'll leave comments along the way.


Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成 said...

I am pleasantly surprised to find a comment at this very old blog post. Thank you and I'm happy you find my blog informative and entertaining.