Tuesday, 24 July 2007


On Fri 20 Jul 2007 I met up with one of my Taiwan boardgame group - Stella. She was in KL on a business trip, and we arranged to meet up on Friday night. Actually it was the only time we could meet, because I arrived in KL from my Manila business trip on Friday night, and on Saturday morning I was flying back to Sabah for holidays.

It was good to catch up with an old friend. Stella is the 2nd Taiwan friend to visit me in KL. Jessy visited me last year, and she was also on a business trip. And of course, we played a few games too! All three games were new to Stella, and they were Blokus Duo (we played using my Blokus set), Through the Desert, and Pickomino. I picked these games because they are easy enough to teach and are suitable to be played casually. Through the Desert was actually picked by Stella herself. She remembered playing my home-made version when we were in Taiwan, and was interested to now play the real version.

Stella and Blokus. See how we used a smaller area of the Blokus board to play Blokus Duo.

Me taking a photo of Stella taking a photo of Through the Desert

Last time when Jessy was here, I played Blokus Duo, Ingenious, Traumfabrik (Hollywood Blockbuster), Lord of the Rings, China with her and her colleague Yu Chieh. Stella challenged me that the next time another friend from Taiwan visits, I must teach him/her a totally different set of games from what I have taught her and Jessy. This is so that there will be more games that they, as a group, will have learnt to play. Well, the next visitor will probably be Rick.

Stella said that after I left Taiwan, they just do not get together to play boardgames as often as before. One of the reasons is I have been their walking rule dictionary. So when I'm not around, it is just inconvenient to have to remember how to play all those games. Stella still has not played her copy of Attika. Every time (not that it is often) she plays games with friends, they always prefer some other game, like Carcassonne, or Citadels. So her copy of Attika is still good as new.

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