Sunday, 22 March 2020

EJ Insight (Hong Kong-based news portal)

A few months ago a news editor from EJ Insight, a Hong Kong-based English language online news portal, contacted me and invited me to be a columnist. I wasn't sure I could keep to any regular schedule, so I suggested why not he take any article from my blog which he thinks works for his portal, and just acknowledge the source. That worked for him, so we agreed on the approach. He still had to do some editing, since his target audience and mine differed. He sent me the edited version to make sure I was OK before he released it.

At first I thought EJ Insight was some young tech startup. When I googled it, I was surprised to find that it is part of the Hong Kong Economic Journal, an old, established newspaper in Hong Kong (link: main website, in Chinese).

The main Hong Kong Economic Journal portal.

Three articles from my blog were edited and posted to EJ Insight. After that they stopped. I am guessing boardgame related articles aren't popular at mainstream news portals, so after trying a few articles, they could already decide to stop. Still, it was nice to have had my own columnist page for a short while. My first article released was Axis & Allies & Zombies.

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dubs said...

Congrats man! Well deserved.