Tuesday, 13 October 2015

boardgaming in photos

18 Sep 2015. I've played Carcassonne hundreds of times, and yet I still came last in this game of vanilla Carcassonne against Vence, who was completely new to the game, and Jeff, who was very rusty. I must have been an excellent teacher! It had been a while since I last taught Carcassonne, and it reminded me of the good old days when I started to get into German boardgames. It had been a long while too since I last played vanilla Carcassonne, without any of the expansions. My copy of Carcassonne is greatly expanded with many expansions. When I opened Jeff's copy, I thought it was missing some tiles.

24 Sep 2015. The children still enjoy Machi Koro very much. I still can't win when playing with them. This is their beat-daddy-up game. The copy sitting on my shelf is borrowed from Allen. Since the children like it so much, maybe I should buy a copy of Machi Koro Deluxe. It contains two major expansions, Harbour and Millionaire's Row. I have not tried the latter.

It's usually a bad thing when you get two 3's in Love Letter. You are forced to play a 3, so you are forced to compare cards with another player; and 3 is not exactly a high number.

Chen Rui is thinking what number to guess. She has just played a 1.

Shee Yun is at 2 points now (the two green glass beads). When I teach Love Letter I usually just play to 3 points regardless of the number of players.

Chen Rui likes Pickomino, and she is good at it. She wins often. This time I played aggressively. In the early game I had an opportunity to steal her tile, and I didn't shy away from making such an attack. She didn't get overly upset. We taunted and teased each other. In the past she sometimes became upset when playing games. She is a better sport now. Somehow, despite my excellent start and strong lead, she still managed to catch up and win. I have no idea how that happened.

In this photo you can see my stack in the foreground is much higher than hers in the background. Chen Rui said her hands were too small so she used the box cover to roll the dice.

3 Oct 2015. This was after Shee Yun and I completed a game of Escape: The Curse of the Temple. There was a period of time when we played this heavily. We have tried all the modules in the base game and the two main expansions. Recently she suggested this game again, and we played three games back-to-back. It's easy to do since a game lasts at most 10 minutes. We started with just the basic game (photo above), since we were a little rusty with the rules of the expansion modules. For the next two games we added some of the expansion modules. We won twice and lost once.


geo said...

Which version of Love Letter is that?

Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成 said...

This copy of Love Letter is a home-made version using pictures downloaded from boardgamegeek.com. It uses an Adventure Time theme.

geo said...

Awesome. I just ordered Love Letter yesterday and I like the look of yours better. Very clean. =)

Did you just print them out from home?

Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成 said...

Yeah, I just printed these using a home printer. I sleeve the printout together with regular playing cards. I did have to do some resizing after I downloaded the drawings from BGG. I did it in a Powerpoint file. If you want that file I can email it to you. You can reach me at Gmail. My username is hiewchoksien.