Wednesday, 19 May 2010

gaming in photos

29 Apr 2010. Race for the Galaxy (with first two expansions). Michelle's tableau. She won all 6 objectives! When we were counting scores, I muttered that she'd beat me by 30 points. I did quite badly in this game. After we were done counting scores, she said no. She beat me by 40 points, 60 vs 20. This was the largest score difference in the 400+ games of Race for the Galaxy that I have played.

My tableau of the same game. The two horizontal cards at the bottom (Galactic Exchange and Diversified Economy) were not played. They were still in my hand at game end. I wanted to show them because these two cards would have worked very well with my tableau. I had all 4 types of worlds. I had enough cards to build at least one of them on the last turn, but I had not expected the game to end so quickly. Michelle developed Improved Logistics (which allowed Settling an extra world) that round, and ended the game.

2 May 2010. Race for the Galaxy again. My tableau which focused on Development. I had wonderful card draws. If I Developed, I would draw two cards, get a -4 discount, and then draw another card. I ended the game very quickly. Michelle would have started massive Consumption activities starting the next round.

We played Factory Manager a second time. This time our earning power was much less. I wonder why. Maybe it was because we removed the beginners' optional rule of no power cost increase in the first round. I think Factory Manager will be more interesting with more than 2 players.

16 May 2010. Michelle and I played Jambo, a 2-player-only game which we have not played for quite some time. I did quite poorly because I didn't have any useful tools in the early game. Michelle put down 3 tools since quite early in the game. By the time she reached $60 to win the game, I still had less than $30. And you start the game with $20. That means Michelle earned $40 during the time it took me to earn less than $10.


leoskyangel said...

Hi there.
It's Leo here. Not sure if you remember me, but long ago, I once wrote in your comment asking about recommendations on board games. I mentioned marvel hereos board game, etc and also said I couldn't find your email address to actually ask you all these. Well, that's just to make a flashback, lol. Never mind, not important.

I've been following your blog ever since and managed to start this hobby very well, but not much since I am still studying. Therefore, I tend to carefully plan on what to buy. For instance, if I want a worker placement game, I will find the best of the best/whatever suits me for that category. Though, I still love varieties.

So far I own:
-ticket to ride: europe
-Bang! the bullet
-stone age
-last night on earth and XP
-nexus ops
-settlers of catan(soon)

Actually, I have a question to ask you, about recommendation too. If you wouldn't mind, could you please suggest few games that follow these points:

-play less than 2 hours (if more,
it's ok, just include in your
answer, who knows I might like it)

-doesn't involve auction/bidding

-not extremely abstarct (just
include if you're not sure)

-players range: 1 to 5 or more (If
less than 5, just include in your

-can be card game or board game

-nice and cool artworks and
components (If you're not sure of
this, or doesn't know whether I
will like it, it's okay, just
include the game)

-high to medium player interaction

-not a co-op game, sports and

-doesn't matter what rank it is in
Board game geek website

-any theme is alright with me

-no paper money involve (can be in
coins, cards, etc)

-any level of complexity is okay
to me.

-no limit of price budget

Also, I would like to ask, the price difference between san juan and puerto rico is not much, so I tend to favour puerto rico. But I like good components and artworks. I felt Puerto Rico is a bit bland and lack of visual experience, which made me favour to San Juan.

-What do you think?
-Which one do you like most? -Which will you suggest for
someone who cares about
components and artworks? I mean,
will puerto rico will do fine for
someone like me?

My apology for all these questions but I don't know where else I can look for help. I've read almost all reviews/comparison in BGG. I also sent an e-mail to the seller to suggest me. But still left me in dilemma with their answer.

With you knowledge, I really hope you can help me. I appreciate if do. Thank you very much in advanced.


p/s: please take your time to reply ya

leoskyangel said...

Hi again.

I prefer if the game suggestions come from "your favourite games" or "you think it's a good game and you would like me to give a try" or
"whatever that fits in"

Hehe, sorry for all the trouble.


Hiew Chok Sien said...

Hi Leo! Wow! That's quite a long question! Your criteria doesn't really give me many hints on what kind of games you like, so I'll just pick some recommendations from among my favourite games, and try to match them with the type of games you already own.

Agricola - it may be a little more complex than what you have played, but I think it's quite a fun game.

Cyclades - it has good components too.

Endeavor - you may find it a little abstract though.

Automobile - but it has paper money, and it is currently out of print - you need to wait for the next printing.

Between Puerto Rico and San Juan, I don't think their artwork differ by much, so I can't recommend only based on artwork. Game-wise both are good games, but of course San Juan is much faster and is also simpler. I myself have not played San Juan for a long time because I prefer Race for the Galaxy. RFTG is more complex and I'm not sure whether you'll like it based on the games you own.

leoskyangel said...

Hi there!

Thanks for you reply! Hehe, sorry for the long write up and the lack of info ya. I know, I should have e-mail you instead but I couldn't find you e-mail address.

It's alright, at least you gave me some suggestion for me to do some research. Will def check out all the games you mentioned!

I appreciate your help Mr. Hiew! Again, heaps thanks!


Chong Sean said...

There are no components in San Juan... unless you count pencil and scoring sheet...
There are very little ark work in Puerto Rico, but the new Filosofia(french) version have illustrated building tiles! it is just matter of time RGG will follow...