Wednesday, 10 March 2010

my name in a game

Last year a friend in Taiwan contacted me to help with some rules translation to Malay. He was publishing some games in Chinese for the Greater China area (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau), and wanted to include rules in some South East Asian languages too. Saboteur was one of the games. My Malay was rather rusty. I have not been using it much, especially in written form, since finishing secondary school. So I had to rely on online dictionaries a lot. I also asked a Malay friend Johan to help review my translation.

So, Saboteur is the first physical game I own that has my name inside. Woohoo!

Box cover of the Chinese version of Saboteur. The literal translation of the Chinese title is dwarf mine.

Rule booklet cover. Five languages included - Traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau), Simplified Chinese (used in mainland China), Indonesian language, Malay and English.

My name (and Johan's too) in the rules booklet.

I tend to think of Saboteur as a 30-minute Battlestar Galactica. Try this if you think Battlestar Galactica is too long.


wankongyew said...

What? Sean is the official distributor for Malaysia? He told me he had run out of stock when I tried to buy a copy. Is this edition officially licensed anyway?

Hiew Chok Sien said...

Yes, this is officially licensed. The guy who got the license is a German guy living in Taiwan. Both Chogn Sean and I got to know German boardgames through him. In fact we got to know each other through him, although we were in Taiwan at different times.

I'm not sure when Chong Sean will get some stock for this though.

荒凉。儒 said...

is this version cheaper than the imported one? can i easily get this anywhere?

Hiew Chok Sien said...

I actually don't know about the price and distribution. You can try emailing Carcasean to find out (see email in the photo).