Thursday, 13 November 2008

gaming in photos - Race for the Galaxy

This was a game played on 2 Nov 2008. This was Michelle's tableau. And this was at the end of the game. 6 cards at the end of the game is rather few. Also this tableau doesn't seem to have much of a coherent strategy. This seems to be rather poor play, since Michelle has played Race for the Galaxy almost 200 times.

Then later she showed me her hand of cards. This was a dream-come-true hand of cards for an alien strategy. Unfortunately it turned out to be a nightmare for her, because all the cards were too expensive. She stalled and stalled, hoping to get enough cards to start executing the alien strategy, but by the time she was ready to start, it was too late. In the Race for the Galaxy base game, an alien strategy is quite hard to pull off, so we do enjoy trying it when the opportunity arises.

My tableau. I had reasonably good card draws, and in this game I could play very speedily, especially considering the 3 small windfall worlds. This spelt doom for Michelle's alien strategy.

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