Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sole Mio

I first played Mamma Mia at Carcasean, and thought it was a unique, fun and simple card game. Uwe Rosenberg, designer of Bohnanza is good at coming up with these kind of interesting card games. Later when I ordered Mamma Mia, I also ordered Sole Mio, a more advanced version of Mamma Mia, which can also be played together with Mamma Mia.

The basic gameplay is the same, which I have described in my previous post on Mamma Mia. However the there are many more pizza recipes now, and many of them have special and quirky rules. There are also some ingredient cards which have two ingredients instead of one, kind of like the double cards in R-Eco. There is a rule where you can ask for another player's help to complete a pizza. I don't this there is much point in this in 2-player games, since both the players will get to complete a pizza, but this will be interesting with 3 or more players.

I quite enjoy Sole Mio. It has some more variety than Mamma Mia. There is still a fair bit of luck in terms of what recipes you draw. But the game is quick and fun, so I don't mind that. The dilemma in deciding when to play your recipe card is sweet. I should try to play Mamma Mia Grande one day, which is a game mixing the cards from both Mamma Mia and Sole Mio.

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