Monday, 28 January 2008

TTR Switzerland

Some more plays of Ticket To Ride Switzerland, and some more discoveries. The blocking can indeed get nasty, even with just 2 players, contrary to my earlier games. I guess both Michelle and my style of playing Ticket To Ride is non-aggressive (we don't block others just for the sake of blocking, we only block when we really do need that route), so we were lucky and did not experience much blocking in our earlier games of Ticket To Ride Switzerland. Now that we have played more, and have also learnt to be more daring in drawing tickets, we experienced some games where we block each other on multiple occasions. Those were quite tense games.

The single-train routes around Zurich are the most dangerous places. Many tickets go to Zurich or cities in that area, so you can easily get blocked off and need to take alternative paths. Quite often on the first few turns of one or even both of us, we hurriedly claim these short routes. These routes are the chokepoints, like the Vancouver and Houston areas on the USA map.

We have also been completing more and more tickets. There was one game when I proudly told Michelle that I had completed 12 tickets, and not fail any one. She replied calmly, "I have 15". This was unheard of in any of our previous Ticket To Ride games. In Ticket To Ride Switzerland Michelle dares to draw tickets even when it is her very last turn. And often she can draw tickets which her network of routes already completes. It is usually worth the gamble. In the worst case that you cannot make any of the tickets drawn, you just keep the one with least penalty. The country-to-country and city-to-country cards help reduce the risk of not completing tickets. These cards give multiple options of cities / countries to connect, and connecting more distant destinations give more points naturally, but in the worst case that you cannot connect any of them, you are only penalised the lowest value on the card.

This is my current favourite version of Ticket To Ride.

Michelle's record 15 tickets completed. And she is expecting herself to break this record.

Quite a bit of blocking in this game.

Close-up of the contested area. Thankfully in the end we both managed to reach all the cities we needed to reach.

My 12 completed tickets. I had thought I would surely have more than Michelle. Those country-to-country tickets are good.


Aik Yong said...

ooo... sounds exciting! On my must buy list now!

Hiew Chok Sien said...

Hope you'll enjoy it! If you like TTR, you'll like this. Still very simple, with fewer new rules than TTR Europe and TTR Marklin. But note that it's only for 2 or 3 players, and it's not a complete standalone game - you'll need cards and trains from TTR (or other standalone TTR games) to play.

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